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Starship - “Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now” - ORIGINAL VIDEO - HQ (by TheGypsy2352)

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somehow it’s rewarding to open new doors - new people to come to your life and be part of it. i admit i often limit my trust, love and care to certain few (because when i do, it means giving more of what i can give, my life!). but this time, i realize that it is too painful to bear when those chosen few are the ones who will easily drop you down. and that at some point, i wanna build walls. LIMIT. FORGET. ERASE.

but not anymore now, for truly, love and friendship have no boundaries.

thanks to booging and nicetong… subdued, simple, down-to-earth, and grateful.

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e a r w O r m :)

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thankful of 2012. full of hOpe and excitement of 2013.


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Thank you, God, for the year round blessings, protection, good health, love and mercy.

Para Sa ‘Yo Ama

- Juan Miguel Salvador

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tOrete :)

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Teaser Kokomo of the rescinded Bahamas…  

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